Published articles & presentations

2022 Bitcoin & the cryptocurrency revolution. This Anthro Life Podcast

2022 Bitcoin as Divine, Bitcoin Magazine.

2021  Mentioned in Sociology and the Blockchain by Smart Contract Research.

2021  Mentioned in the Financial Times: A contest to control crypto is under way by Gillian Tett

2021  Running the Crypto-anthropologists Telegram group (join here)

2021  Why Anthropologists are more interested in Bitcoin than Economists. Bitcoin Magazine. 

2020  TotalBitcoin Podcast #133: The Fiat Money Experiment & Bitcoin.

2020  Panel speaker for In-game Investments: Virtual Land and estates, Collectibles, Trading Cards, Wearable, what next? hosted by Blockchain Game Alliance.

2020  Balinese Cockfights & Bitcoins: How one can help us understand the other. Coindesk, Medium. 

2020  Running Digital Workshops on Figma. UX Collective

2020  The Pandemic is Deepening our Symbiosis with the Internet. Publised on Hackernoon and TheStartupNominated for best article on the Internet by 2020 Hackernoon Noonies.

2018   Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies: What's this all about? London.

Published academic & cultural research

2016   The Night of Lord Shiva, Himalaya Magazine Issue 30.

2016   Nepal Two Years after the Earthquake. The Independent, mention.

2016   Bonded labour among the Musahar community research in Nepal.

2016   Education in muslim communities research in Nepal.

2016   Slums of Kathmandu research in Nepal.

2013   Theories of Agency in the study of Consumption - Anthropology Student Journal: Vol 2. 

2012   Introduction to the Journal - Anthropology Student Journal: Volume I.