With a background in anthropology, economics and creative design, Mick's passion lies in building technology that can enhance people's lives.

What led him down the path of UX Research is his interest in studying the complex and ever-changing relationship humans have with technology, and is highly inspired by the 1950’s cybernetic movement and its belief that technology can help enable human flourishing, and the more recent cypherpunk revolution enabled by Bitcoin.

Metamick works with startups in Bitcoin, crypto and NFTs. With a focus on product and design, he helps start-ups ideate, iterate and design new product propositions and designs. Most recently, he’s been building a new NFT curation and discovery platform. He's also building a crowdfunding platform that leverages Bitcoin's open monetary network.

Previously, he worked as a UX Researcher and Designer in Fintech Lab in London and IPSOS where he helped design and build digital products and experiences. In his earlier life he managed nonprofit projects in Nepal, where he led participatory approaches for designing development projects in collaboration with local communities, following the 2015 earthquake and bonded labourers in rural Nepal. 

He received his double BA in Anthropology and Economics from the University of British Columbia, Canada; and his MSc in Anthropology and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Mick is based in London, from where he continues to engage with projects worldwide.