With a background in anthropology, economics and creative design, Mick's passion lies in building technology that works for people and that can enhance their lives.

What led him down the path of UX Research is his interest in studying the complex and ever-changing relationship humans have with technology from the 1950’s cybernetic movement that led to the belief that technology can help enable human flourishing, to the current fears of those who are already surrounded by screens and thus become reticent to welcome even more technology into their lives.

Mick currently works as a contractor in fintech, providing insights to traditional banks on how to better navigate their digital transformation journeys, and helping start-ups create and design disruptive new products. Most recently, he’s been collaborating with traditional banks to help them develop a new digital portal for running the bank with greater automation and a more collaborative workflow.

While his strength lies in doing user research, he’s been increasingly involved in the design process, which involves building wireframes and user flow charts, and running design sprints and workshops.

Previously, he conducted qualitative and quantitative research methods as a consultant at IPSOS and other consumer research agencies in Italy and the UK, exploring many user/consumer worlds and industries, including mobile devices, mobile gaming, smart TVs, food and beverage, and financial services. 

He has also managed research initiatives in the nonprofit sector in Nepal, where he led participatory approaches for designing development projects in collaboration with local communities. Projects targeted vulnerable populations following the 2015 earthquake and bonded labourers in rural Nepal. 

He received his double BA in Anthropology and Economics from the University of British Columbia, Canada; and his MSc in Anthropology and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Mick is based in London, from where he continues to engage with projects worldwide.